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Archaeological Museum of Astypalaia

The Archaeological Museum of Astypalaia is a treasure trove of important archaeological finds, ranging from Prehistoric times to the Medieval era under the rule of the Venetian Quirini family. Coins, bronze and stone tools, jewelry, vessels made of clay, and other votive items exhibited, present a snapshot of the inhabitants’ daily life at different periods in the island’s long history.

Ancient Infant Burial Ground

A unique archaeological find has been discovered on Kilindra excavation site (just below Chora, the site of ancient Classical city of Astypalaia), where an ancient infant cemetery, with at least 2.700 infants buried in clay pots (amphorae), has been brought to light Astypalaia by the archeological team.

Every summer, for one month a bioarchaeological field school (program managed by the University College London in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Dodecanese) takes place on Astypalaia focused on excavating, recording, identifying, conserving, measuring and cataloguing the bones of the infants.

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Archaelogical importance of Vathy area

The important findings of prehistoric boulder-built walls, a Hellenistic tower complex, infant pot burials and prehistoric rock carvings of ships, daggers and spirals have been the result of an ongoing extensive archaeological fieldwork at the rocky peninsula of Vathy on Astypalaia, which testifies the continuity of human activity in the area and the importance of Vathy, through the millenia, as a harbour and surveillance point for sea routes in the central Aegean sea.

An exhibition consisting of photos and information on the findings at Vathy takes place every summer in one of the windmills located at Chora.

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