Despite the fact that the island’s cultivable land is limited, local cuisine includes delicious dishes based on the few yet flavour-filled ingredients that the land and sea provide. Keep an eye out for the following mouth-watering traditional foods and dishes to get a real taste of the regional cuisine.

  • Local free range goat stew in tomato sauce.

  • Fresh locally caught fish and seafood.

  • Chlori, a wonderful local creamy white cheese produced from the milk of the semi-wild goats of the island which graze on the densely flavored wild greens.

  • Thyme honey, a fragrant locally produced honey with a delicious, distinct and unique taste of wild thyme. The Chlori/honey combination tastes wonderful!

  • Saffron threads gathered from the hills in late fall give color and aroma to the traditional Easter saffron cookies and pies, Kitrinikouloura & Labropites, which are made with Chlori.

  • Pougia, deep fried half-moon shaped pies which can have a salty (kopanisti cheese & mint) or sweet filling (Chlori & cinnamon).

  • Latzania, pasta fresca filled with Chlori and the fragrant local wild saffron.

  • Labriano, traditionally the main Easter meal, where goat or lamb is stuffed with goat’s pluck, onions, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, and rice and baked patiently in the wood-fired oven for hours.

  • Radista, traditional recipe made with lentils, dough bits, and vinegar.

  • Kserotigana / Diples, fried dough strips dipped in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon and/or walnuts.

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