Astypalaia Revealed

Archeological Findings

Ancient Infant Cemetery

A unique archaeological find has been discovered on Kilindra excavation site (just below Chora, the site of ancient Classical city of Astypalaia), where an ancient infant cemetery, with at least 2.700 infants buried in clay pots (amphorae), has been brought to light Astypalaia by the archeological team.

Every summer, for one month a bioarchaeological field school (program managed by the University College London in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Dodecanese) takes place on Astypalaia focused on excavating, recording, identifying, conserving, measuring and cataloguing the bones of the infants.

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Ancient Rock Inscriptions

The important finding of rock inscriptions of ships, daggers and spirals has been the result of extensive archaeological fieldwork at the rocky peninsula of Vathy on Astypalaia.

An exhibition consisting of photos and information on the findings at Vathy takes place every summer in one of the windmills located at Chora.

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Astypalean Cuisine

Despite the fact that the island’s cultivable land is limited, local cuisine includes delicious dishes based on the few yet flavour-filled ingredients that the land and sea provide. Keep an eye out for the following mouth-watering traditional foods and dishes to get a real taste of the regional cuisine.

  • Local free range goat stew in tomato sauce 
  • Fresh locally caught fish and seafood 
  • Chlori, a wonderful local creamy white cheese produced from the milk of the semi-wild goats of the island which graze on the densely flavored wild greens 
  • Thyme honey, a fragrant locally produced honey with a delicious, distinct and unique taste of wild thyme. The Chlori/honey combination tastes wonderful! 
  • Saffron threads gathered from the hills in late fall give color and aroma to the traditional Easter saffron cookies and pies, Kitrinikouloura & Labropites, which are made with Chlori 
  • Pougia, deep fried half-moon shaped pies which can have a salty (kopanisti cheese & mint) or sweet filling (chlori & cinnamon) 
  • Latzania, pasta fresca filled with chlori and the fragrant local wild saffron 
  • Labriano, traditionally the main Easter meal, where goat or lamb is stuffed with goat’s pluck, onions, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, and rice and baked patiently in the wood-fired oven for hours. 
  • Radista, traditional recipe made with lentils, dough bits, and vinegar 
  • Kserotigana / Diples, fried dough strips dipped in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon and/or walnuts

Cultural Events

  • Agios Panteleimon feast on July 27th and Sotiras Christos feast (Christ Saviour) on August 6th. 
  • The island’s biggest celebration takes place at Panagia Portaitissa church on Panagia’s feast (August 15th) and lasts for three days (August 14th-16th). On August 16th, the municipal authority and the Cultural Organisation arrange special sports contests called “Koukania”. 
  • Panagia Poulariani feast & Panagia tou Thoma feast, at Vathi on September 8th. 
  • Astypalaia Festival, involving many concerts, theatre plays, traditional dances, painting/photo exhibitions and other events throughout the summer season.
  • Cine Avra : open air cinema at Pera Gialos.

Hiking Trails

Exploring Astypalaia’s walking and hiking trails is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable ways of exploring the great outdoors. One gets the chance to breathe in fresh air, get the time to absorb the island’s natural beauty and explore spots of geological, natural or archeological interest.

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