Staying Safe

Our team is committed to provide no less than extraordinary guest experiences, even in these challenging days.

The values of responsibility, care, and passion, that act as our guiding star, have never been more important for us. Yours and our well-being is our main priority, so you can feel safe from check-in to check-out, and everywhere in between.

We have taken extra precautionary measures and set up new procedures in our daily routine based on guidelines and restrictions set from the national public health authorities by:

Being physically apart but staying connected - We stick to social closeness as ever, while maintaining physical distance between us.

Wearing a mask and smiling with our eyes - We are all trained in hygiene protocols to minimize the risk of the spreading Covid-19 and to provide as much protection as possible. We wash and sanitize hands after every encounter, and we wear face masks when required, however our brightest smile is still there, but “undercover”.

Extra cleaning for your safe stay - We have stepped up the daily cleaning in all our spaces by cleaning and disinfecting surfaces frequently throughout the day with special attention to high-touch areas. We are using high-level hygiene products, that still live up to the environmental requirements and our sustainable code of conduct.

Keeping hands clean & disinfected - We have set up at the reception and throughout all common areas alcohol-based hand sanitizers for you.

Enjoying Nina’s Breakfast with safety - Breakfast is served to the table at an open-air area by the pool, where the required distance between seats and tables is kept (room-service option).

Minimizing physical contact - Room keys are disinfected and handed out without any physical contact, cash free-methods of payment are offered and the receipts are emailed to you.

Swimming & enjoying the water safely - we keep each other stay safe, while still enjoying the pool by thoroughly disinfecting sunbeds and tables before and after use, by maintaining a minimum distance of at least 1.5 meters between sunbeds and by enhancing monitoring of chlorine and pH levels of the pool water according to the regulations set by the Greek Health Authorities.

Staying alert - We continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation closely and follow the recommendations of the health authorities.

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